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Our customers will be satisfied with our flavored and safe Japanese Macha processed under JAS standards of organic vegetables.

With the cooperation of the local commercial farms, Maruei Inc. supplies our customers with products under our philosophy "safety", "security", and "consistency".

JAS Standards of Organic Vegetables

Our quality-control system corresponds to HACCP -Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point-

The entire process from receiving materials to shipping products is in an out carried thorough hygiene crisis management environment. All operations are completed in three strictly sectioned rooms during production. After being processed, our products are stored and finally shipped through four strictly sectioned rooms.

(HACCP is the system that analyzes hygienic and quality hazards which might occur in the production process. It controls and records the entire process strictly by monitoring critical control points.)
Air shower booth

Air Current Sterilizer

This high pressure sterilization never ruins the flavor and never distorts the color of our tea leaves. The sterilization can be also used in a wide variety of food products such as dried vegetables and health food. (Daily output: 3,000kg)

before being sterilized/after being sterilized
All sterilizing processes are commanded from outside the device in order to strictly maintain our quality control.
before sterilization
after sterilization

general living bacteria heat resistance bacteria coliform bacteria moisture general living bacteria heat resistance bacteria coliform bacteria moisture
tea leaves 8.0 x 103 4.8 x 103 (-) 3.70 < 20 < 20 (-) 5.50
mulukhiya power 4.8 x 106 8.0 x 105 (+) 6.30 3.4 x 102 1.6 x 102 (-) 5.20
dried green onion 2.2 x 104 2.0 x 102 (+) 9.30 < 20 < 20 (-) 10.90

Microbe check/quality control

Our all-in-one device can mill and classify tea leaves simultaneously, without losing aroma.
Maruei Inc. can mill each order into any grain size according to the customer's needs.
( Daily milling capability: 800kg)
Microbe check/quality control

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