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Micro mill with cyclone classifier
Our all-in-one device can mill and classify tea leaves simultaneously, without losing aroma.
Maruei Inc. can mill each order into any grain size according to the customer's needs.
( Daily milling capability: 800kg)
Micro mill with cyclone classifiertea leaves:material/after milling/crystal/after milling

grain size before milling grain size after milling capability
green tea leaves 2mm-5mm D55=10,D99=40μ 20kg/h
green tea leaves 2mm-5mm D55=25,D99=80μ 60kg/h
fish flakes 5mm or less D55=70,D99=206μ 104kg/h
bamboo chips 5mm D55=42,D99=176μ 20kg/h

Green tea refining system
Maruei Inc. has a 6,000 kg daily refining capability.
By locating an inlet for material at another booth, our facility has successfully decreased contaminations, such as incoming insects, microbes, etc.
(completed with a facility for color sorting and metal detecting at 12,500 gauss)

We inspect the condition of tea leaves visually as well.

Roaster system
Maruei Inc. has a 1,500 kg daily roasting capability. This system not only produces beverage -use-products in mass quantities, but also adjusts the degree of roasted aroma according to taste. Roaster system

Packaging process
Maruei Inc. packs products with flexibility to meet customer needs. (Daily packaging capability: 10,000 bags) Packaging process

Refrigeration warehouse of products
Maruei Inc. stores and controls the products for each customer.
Storing on plastic pallets prevents products from anisole odors and foreign substances. Our "door-to-door" delivery prevents the products from receiving any transportation damage.
Refrigeration warehouse of products

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