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For their product development

In the product development of green tea leaves, the diverse factors are required including taste, flavor, richness, color, and process temperature.
The delicate ratio of each factor will determine the quality of the tea. Furthermore, it is important to meet the conditions of extraction, price, and product concept that customers require.
Maruei Inc. can assist our customers and is open for suggestions to satisfy development for our customers.
With a professional experience and state-of-the-art facility, Maruei Inc. can assist customers such as differentiated marketing and new product development.
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Processing Operation

Maruei Inc. resolves microbe issues which are focused for food processing.
Maruei Inc. has successfully decreased contamination of our products to nearly zero, controlling the deterioration of the flavor and color.
It is suitable for green tea leaved, dried vegetable, and health food.


This service is appropriate for general food and health food suppliers.
Maruei Inc. mills and classifies the products at the same time.
For a thorough production, clean rooms are completed in our facility.
Our up-to-date roasting system and blending process are completed by request, corresponding to each various roasting method depending upon the season.